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16th Florida International

     Jet Rally

November 5
th - 8th,  2009

"The Pilots Jet Rally"

The Florida International Jet Rally will not take place in 2009.  This unfortunate announcement comes after months of discussions with the City of Lake Wales.  There is no logic to their decision not allow the event this year, but that is the way it is with many of the decisions coming out of every level of government these days.  It is a long strange story, and can not be condensed into a short meaningful explanation, so I am not going to attempt to do so.

We have had a very long run in Lake Wales, and it�s been great fun having participants and spectators from all over the world attend this event which started many years ago with Steve Jaworski's idea, and twenty of so pilots.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who has attended over the years as well as the many sponsors, volunteers and others who made this event very special.

At this time it is too late to attempt to re-locate and or organize at another venue for this year, but maybe the environment will change, and we can return to Lake Wales in the future.




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