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This part of our website will be dedicated for JPO support, and as an outlet for accurate information regarding issues which impact the ability each of us has to fly R/C model jets.  As R/C jet pilots, each of us have an added responsibility far beyond that of many other AMA members.  We must continually comply with, and respect the guidelines we are permitted to operate under.  There is no inherent right to operate a jet powered model aircraft, it is a privilege.  Taken any other way, we (or you) may be subject to loss of these privileges.

We have made available all of the documents that relate to obtaining or re-certifying a turbine license / waiver.  There will be other issues which we will post information on as well.  This will not be a forum.  That is currently covered by other outlets.  There have been recent changes, and new regulations will be available soon.  For now this site will take you to the JPO website for continued information.

It is very important that every person who fly's R/C jets in the US be a member of the JPO.  The AMA and other organizations are relying more and more on special interest groups like the JPO for making decisions that may impact what we do.  The cost is minimal, and for anyone who is willing to spend what it takes to own a R/C model jet, the cost of JPO membership is almost nothing.  The benefits both short term and long term, are in fact tremendous.